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Philly Magazine June 2002

For Social Climbers - Tired of looking for love in all the wrong places? Here's a spot to meet your match

Edited by Vicki Glembocki - June 2002 Issue

There are many similarities between healthy relationships and indoor rock climbing. First of all, you need a partner (with whom you will - and this is a technical term - "belay".) Next, you need trust, flexibility and balance. Strength is not an advantage. Size really doesn't matter. And, of course, there are the harnesses. At Go Vertical, largest indoor rock-climbing gym on the East Coast, most climbers are in their 20s and 30s, scaling the walls during their lunch breaks and after work, packing the place on weekends...

50 Great Ways to Celebrate Summer

Edited by Sandy Hingston - July 2000 Issue

1. Rock Steady

Philly Magazine July 2000

Sure, hanging by your fingertips from a mountainside is thrilling. But before you go out on a ledge, visit Go Vertical, Philly's only indoor rock-climbing gym. A harness anchored by ropes keeps you from falling even if your toes give way 45 feet up the wall, and a simple two-hour course teaches you to work the safety lines. Start on beginner routes with fist-sized handholds, then move on to 200 other choices, some featuring holy-cow overhangs and microscopic holds. Once you start, you will want to climb the walls all day.