Climbing School

Route Setter Clinic

Introduction to route setting

5-hour class on the basics of route setting for bouldering and top ropes. After class, participant may set a spec route - if approved, setter may put up other routes. The class covers the following topics:

Stripping, Washing & Selection

How to set a work rope (why a work rope?) carry holds (are you a boy or a girl?), clean efficiently (contact with water & soap does not mean clean); what makes the same hold easy or hard

Injury & Stupidity Prevention

Discussion and practice of stretching and warm-ups to prevent injury; how equipment is to be used; being aware of others in the gym and how not to hurt others (securing your setting area); setting to avoid injury to climbers and damage to the wall

Hold & Bolt Selection

Choosing the right holds for the grade, determining the difficulty based on angle of wall, duration of climb, putting together your supplies for efficient work, choosing the right bolt type and length


Sorting your stuff, affixing the holds, patterning, reaching for flow, homogeneous grades, interesting moves


What happens when the hold gets dirty? Spun? Loses its tape? Is it shared by other routes? What else?


Selecting tape color, angle so as not to confuse the climber or waste tape. This is bigger than you think.

participants belay certified, ages 16 and up
Student/Instructor Ratio:
3 to 1 maximum
Class Length:
5 Hours
Weekdays by appointment 11am - 4pm
Class Fee:
$165; ($130 for Go Vertical members)

Fee due upon reservation; refunds for cancellations prior to two weeks; we reserve the right to cancel up to 48 hours based on low participation or damage to the instructor.